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….. But I still achieved a lot!

There’s a common theme with this last week and that is one of tiredness and an aching body.

I have done some work but the rest of the time has been a bit of a blur really.  I spent Tuesday morning with Dave having a cheeky coffee and toast at the Duchy, then dropped him off and I went off to Looe.  

I didn’t do any sketching as it was very cold and threatened to drizzle at a drop of a hat.  I drove first to West Looe and walked around the back of the square which is Fore Street and High Street, where the old cottages are and boy are there some crackers.  Many many photos were taken!  I walked back down to the harbour wall.  The tide was out and the bulbous hulls of the boats sat high above the puddles of water… the sun decided to peep through the clouds and I got lost for a moment just looking at the far side of the harbour, to the East shore and the main part of Looe.

I drove out of East Looe and over the bridge into West Looe, across the water to my left the rivers split and formed a peninsula, on this jutting out piece of land was a large white house surrounded by trees but clearly visible in the bareness of winter.  I drove to the railway station and tried to get a better view, it was too far away.  A magic house which on the map has no roads near it.  I drove out of the railway car park and over the main road up a very narrow lane called Stutta Road.   A warning sign told me it was only 6ft6in wide… plenty of room for my little yellow car.   But as I drove up and round the many bends with tightly packed houses built into the rockface of the hill I felt even my little car might end up leaving some yellow paint on the walls.  It was thrilling, I love the narrow lanes of Cornwall and this one didn’t disappoint.   I emerged in the heart of West Looe town so drove round to the harbour and parked up to admire the place I’d been standing just half an hour ago.

I drove back through the town and parked in the town carpark.   I walked, retracing the path I had driven through the town and took loads of photos of the old and interesting buildings, stopping for a coffee and almond croissant at the Cornwall Bakery cafe.  Most of Looe was closed for the season but it meant I could get clear photos of the buildings I was interested in.  The weather was changing now and the rain was starting so I went back to the car.

I drove back over the bridge and up out of East Looe towards the road to Pelynt, as I climbed the hill the weather improved and blue skies were bright in front of me.  I saw the turning to Talland Bay and took it, swooping lanes headed towards the ocean and the bay was gleaming in front of me.   I turned and followed the twisting road past cottages and a church I’d not seen before, past an amazing centre full of wooden holiday pods, with grass roofs and solar panels…then I saw the bay open up and I was at the tiny little car park to the left of the bay, where Dave and I had parked in the height of the summer when we went swimming in the sea.  I parked and stared.  Stared at the ever changing clouds and the waves crashing into the pink rocks that are everywhere.  I try and capture the scene in my sketchbook but I need practice.  I venture out and take photos of the white painted holiday cottage that sits with the best view of the bay.   I chat with a lady on holiday who had just walked down the hill from one of the holiday lets, she’s seeing it for the first time and it’s lovely to see the awe in her eyes, I stand for a while more to have another look at the beauty that is Talland Bay.20190122_154953On the other side of the bay the beach hut cafe and car park is closed so I drive up and out of Talland and into Pelynt, along the main road until I come to the A390 and it’s a short drive down into Lostwithiel and home.

On Wednesday we drive into Truro for our eye tests, getting to the opticians for 10 o’clock – it’s a horrid day, rain and greyness dampen our spirits, and my body is rebelling into an aching stiff annoyance so I hobble round the city from the Opticians, to Waterstones for a coffee and then to M&S to collect some clothes we’d ordered for Dave for the funeral, and I bought a new feather filled pillow.   Dave was busy somewhere else in the store whilst I tried different pillows on the bed that was conveniently located nearby.  Lying down and turning on my side… in full view of everyone in the cafe.  But I was glad I did as I realised the firm pillow was right whereas I would have gone for the medium one….. (and boy have I slept better since getting it.)  As soon as we got back to the car I realised my glasses were missing – lost.  I was too tired to be bothered and fell asleep on the way home!   As soon as we got back I went off to bed to carry on snoozing.

Anyway when I woke it was dark!  I’d slept like a log and I was feeling good!  Tonight was book club so Dave dropped me off, a nice glass of red wine and a chat about another book I hadn’t read…. think this book club is not my forte!  So when I got home out came the paperwork and by midnight my tax return was completed and submitted.  Result!

Thursday I took my drawings of Lanhydrock up to Stable Arts to have mounted and chilled over a coffee while I waited.  Then it was over to Tracey and Johns for lunch which was such a tonic!   Back home I fell asleep again.  However every time I’ve woken up since having the new pillow I feel rested, something I’ve not felt for a long time.

Slowly I am feeling more rested but the stress of our current political climate and the B word is having a huge impact.  On Friday morning I attend a workshop organised by Amanda in her capacity as curator – it involves working with the volunteers to produce a story box that, through information and exhibits in the museum (and our own research), tells the story of one of Lostwithiels more interesting characters.  Ms Hext.  She was a historian and chronicler of Lostwithiel and from the little snippets we got to hear at the meeting quite an independent woman.  It was lovely to be invited to be involved as I’m not a volunteer at the museum but I want to be involved to help research the Lostwithiel sketch book.  After the meeting Amanda and I went to Q Street for a coffee and a chat about the world and everything.

Back home my customer came to collect the Lanhydrock pictures, which he was very pleased with… very happy when that happens.  Then I decided on a little bit of social media time….. oh what a mistake.  Post after post on my newsfeed was about Brexit and the public comments just made me sad and angry, my anxiety levels rose and I decided that I needed to take back control.  I went through my friends list and unfriended 50% and then of those that remained I unfollowed about 50%, I then unliked loads of pages, especially political ones.  It was cathartic, I felt free.    I had done my bit politically and for my own sake I needed to retreat and protect myself.   My newsfeed is full of artistic creative people and loveliness… soothing my soul.

This morning I started Dave’s tax return and after a coffee and lunch at Q Street, meeting up with Sophie, I got home and completed the tax return by 4pm.   What a fantastic feeling it is….. I resisted the urge to go for a lie down and instead cooked tea.

I also had lovely post today – a perfect pair of fingerless mittens hand knitted by Tamsin of Little Robin Knits.… thank you lovely Tamsin they are perfect.

Sally xx

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