The week of the massage

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and other small stuff.

I’ve been a little unfocused this week, my neck and shoulder pain has been getting on my nerves a lot and all I wanted to do was meet people and chat to people.  And basically that has been my week.

Which I have to say is a smashing thing to do.

I started the week with good intentions – aiming to get to Looe to sketch and photo loads of places.  I did do quite a bit of research after a long conversation (online) with one of my creative friends after I’d done my first ever Vlog where I apologised for striking Downderry off the list of 100 steps round Cornwall.  She mentioned that she had grown up in a house in Looe, it was on the riverbank where the 2 rivers merge just before the bridge and was so isolated they had to get to it by boat.  As she said ‘all Swallows and Amazons’.  This got me to venture on to Google streetview and try to find it, which I did.  Then I ‘walked’ around the streets and found lots of interesting buildings which I’ve listed.  Pencilled in a sketching day on Sunday as the weather looks ok.

Anyway back to my meeting and chatting week.  Monday was a trip to see Sharon at Homefront, usually we’re on our own for a while but this week we had lots of people join us – this of course meant Sharon had to do a lot more work than chatting.

Tuesday I got up and was out on the road to meet up with the lovely Sarah Perry at Cowslip near Launceston.  It was a misty day as I drove up the Tanhouse Road through the ancient woods up above Lostwithiel onto the Bodmin road, then past Lanhydrock and onto the A30 Eastwards.  I love this stretch of road as you leave the wooded lands around Bodmin and climb high onto the moors, the road swooped and snaked in a silver ribbon through the undulations of the moorland, shining brightly against the low misty greys of heath and rocks.  Suddenly a patch of bracken comes into view like a patch of bronze metal just plonked in this grey landscape… I so wanted to capture it but as I was driving at speed I had to settle for just capturing it in my head…. oh to have a camera attached to your eyes so you can just blink to take a photo… come on clever techie guys get inventing!

I was enjoying this trip through Bodmin Moor, it’s spectacular any time of the year but in winter it has less traffic and you can feel the isolation of the moors, time for a trip to the Jamaica Inn soon I feel.  Anyway soon the land changed again, back to the patchwork of fields and hedges and the sign to Launceston was on me before I knew it.  Driving through the town, down past the castle and steam railway, then up the steep hill of St Stephen, turning left towards the farm where Cowslip workshops are located.  In front of me was a car and I realised it after the driver had waved a few times that it was Sarah… we arrived together and made our way to the cafe.  I’d brought with me a box of threads that were my grandmothers for Sarah, they were ancient – wound on little paper tubes printed with the maker and the colour.  I’m glad they have gone to Sarah as she will use them to create something absolutely beautiful.  We had coffees and chatted about all things, lots of positive conversations and we parted with smiles on our face

I decided that I would take a mini road trip to a little village which is not far from Launceston, it’s not part of my sketching Cornwall project but I had always wanted to visit it from when we were looking for places to live from the comfort of Rightmove online whilst in Lichfield.  Less than 10 minutes (if that) I was driving off the A30 and into Altarnun, a village with lots of beautiful cottages, an ancient bridge and the church standing high above this idyllic scene.  I walked around and took loads of photos, unfortunately the local cafe isn’t open til the Spring, so it was a chilly walk round finding the little gems, one of which was the nearly open patch of yellow crocus – really perfect framing for the church in the distance.

The temperature  was dropping and the light was not great so I got back in the car and drove back across the moors back home.

Wednesday was Knit and Natter.  Sat with Kim, Sandie, Chris and Bronwen, however the introduction of a new charge of £3 per person for the privilege of meeting in the cafe and not knit may mean I don’t go as often…. seeing as I don’t knit.  Then I popped over to see Amanda in Lost in Books to catch up.  Then later I was off on the road again to Newquay for an evening full of brilliant information on Online and e-Commerce, websites etc etc  from a small business who are experts in this.  Instead of sending Christmas cards they decided to host this free event instead, how lucky are we!  Loads of familiar faces were also there, Alison of Clara Designs, Sarah who runs the Sketch Club in Lostwithiel, Laura Brown the jeweller from Liskeard and Sarah from Perranporth.  It was a fab evening and I learnt a lot! Though I did take the wrong turning on the way home and nearly ended up in Wadebridge…. silly me!

Thursday I was shattered so took it easy most of the day because later in the afternoon I was going for my first ever massage (though thinking about it there was that time in Bulgaria when some old lady decided I needed to be pummelled to an inch of my life – definitely Cold War style massage!), this was at the Meadow Healing Centre just on the Milk Factory site… I arrived just in time but not until I had texted Emily at the centre for help.

Emily sat me down and we chatted about lots of things around health and well-being, my operations, my work… it was easy to chat and in no time I had completed all the necessary forms and I was attempting to get comfy on the massage chair.  The only thing is my little legs meant my knees didn’t reach the knee rests so I had blankets folded to help me – something Emily had never had to do before…. the joys of being such a short arse!

Emily had the lights low and gentle meditative music playing, gentle aromas filled the air and I was settled on the chair breathing slow and deep.  The massage was amazing, a lot of gentle but firm pressure across my shoulders, up into my hairline with oil, then each arm was massaged, I was gone (in a good way) totally trusting Emily to not hurt me.  I had my eyes closed all the way through and in the end as I sat upright on the chair I could feel my shoulders were lower, which is still the case as I type this!  We hugged, will see each other at the Book Club next week and I am looking forward to joining an evening class of Qigong  which predates Tai Chi, in a few weeks time.

Today I popped up to see Lesley for her to trim my locks…. and for a morning of chatting and coffees.  It was a totally awful day, it was pouring down and so dark and depressing it was lovely to escape up the hill to the light of Lesley’s house.   From here I popped down the town and into Penhaligans and the Deli for some gorgeous soar dough bread.  Then back home where I have tried to catch up on this months book ‘This Must Be The Place’ by Maggie O’Farrell…. not brilliant as I’m still only on page 59 …. will this mean another embarrassing but comedy moment at the book club when I have to admit I’ve not read the book AGAIN!?    Time will tell!

Tomorrow I am off to Q Street cafe to meet up with Rebecca of the Lostwithiel Business Group for more coffee and chatting…. then Sunday is Looe day.

Sally xx

  1. tessa

    Did you see the snowdrops at Altarnun Church? FabulouSSS, also a field of snowdrops across the road from the church, behind the bus stop. I used to do an annual pilgrimage there when I lived at North Hill.

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