The Midlands

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and The Velvet Trees.

This time last week we had been to Dave’s cousins funeral and we had just got back from having a meal with our Lichfield friends Michelle and Kev which was a lovely surprise.

The Midlands was very cold, ice and frost was all over the place and many layers were required to get out and about.  On Saturday morning I really wanted to go round Lichfield cathedral and so we parked up in the old Woollies carpark and whilst Dave went to the shop for tabacco and I walked very slowly around Minster Pool watching the seagulls skid across the frozen lake bemused as to where the water had gone!  I walked enthralled at the cathedral spires peeping over the buildings of The Close sparkling in the brilliant winter sunshine, then turned up Dam Street up to Cathedral Close.  The sun was glittering and bouncing on the stained glass windows of the Lady Chapel and the winter wind whipped up as I leaned into it walking towards the West Front.  As soon as I turned the corner the blast of cold air ceased and I stood warming myself in the sun waiting for Dave.


We entered the Cathedral and escaped the winter chill outside.  It was nice and toasty inside and we ambled around like proper tourists.  We used to attend the services when we lived in Lichfield so the place was familiar to us, though the new icon paintings hanging in the Nave and the beautiful icon cross above the Altar were new and stunning additions to the glory of this place of worship.   There was an exhibition in the Chapter House about Pilgrimage, a facsimile of the Lichfield Angel was there, the original highly decorative box that held the Lichfield Gospels, there were embroidered garments and other documents and scripts relating to pilgrimage.20190202_101726.jpgWe had a lovely hour or so bathing in the beauty of the colour and creativity of the cathedral, lit a candle and spent time in silence.   Then we walked back to the car and went back to the hotel and fell asleep.

We woke in time to get ready to go and see the cats at Karens.  Jack and Jill were a little bemused when we arrived but then they realised who we were and had lots of cuddles.  Karen has worked Jack out as the cat who likes squares… something I’d never realised but if there is a square of cloth, a box, a pile of papers Jack will sit in/on it.  He demonstrated this by jumping on the counter and sitting neatly on the cloth Karen had put down!  The other thing is that she now has a meal time ritual, where she gets both of them to sit and wait before they get their bowls of food, so clever!  After spending ‘quality’ time with Karen and the cats we drove into Aldridge to meet with Chris and Brian Clarke at an Indian restaurant which the day before had changed its name – that was a little worrying as we thought we’d got the wrong place.  He he.

Sunday we took mum out to Curborough for tea and cake for her birthday, dropped her off and then started the long drive back to Cornwall.  All the time we had been in the Midlands we had seen no snow, Lostwithiel and a lot of Cornwall had been deluged with a ton of snow with roads closed, cars abandoned and the Jamaica Inn putting up 140 people over night who were stranded on the A30.  As we drove south on the M5 the distant hills around Worcester, Cheltenham, and into Somerset were all covered in snow… then as we got closer to Cornwall the snow diminished until there was nothing left.  But it was lovely to be home.  Just in time for ‘Vera’.

The only problem now was that now back in Cornwall my aches and pains were worse…. damn damp weather!  Also I felt the draught from the bedroom window intently now…. why I have no idea!  Monday morning I met up with Lesley at Homefront to catch up with Sharon, then back home to sleep!  Tuesday I went food shopping and on the way back from Bodmin I stopped up Tanhouse Road to capture the winter mist and the green velvet of the moss on the ancient woodland.

Wednesday was meeting a customer to pass on a commission then an hour or so at Lost in Books meeting lots of people as usual!  Then walked home.  On Thursday night Dave and I moved the bedroom round so that I am now furthest away from the window and I slept beautifully 🙂

Then today we had a group meeting from the museum Bright Sparks project at my home and it was great all sitting round the table discussing the project.  And the flat was so damn clean it was lovely!  This afternoon we went and got our new glasses from the opticians in Truro and I finally spent my birthday voucher at Debenhams on a bottle of perfume – Daisy… it’s such a cute bottle.

Well that’s us up to date!

Happy weekend everyone,

Sally xx

  1. Joy pointon

    Lovely story Sal, such lush photos too!
    Hope u feel better soon, I too flaring up with achy joints!
    Life sounds good in cornwall for u both, hope it continued to get better.
    Lots of love. Joy xxx

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