Spring is here

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It’s been a long time coming.

Sometimes life gets in the way or quite frankly I allow life to get in the way. This is what happened this last month.

But this week has been so needed and I knew now this was the right time to get back to my blog and share what’s been happening.

Spring blue sky with budding weeping willow

So with the patio door open, the sun streaming in and the birds singing with the joy of the new season I am sitting at the table tapping away on my little laptop.

Website Training

So first off I’ve been dashing down to Penzance on a four day course spread over several weeks learning all about my new website platform which is on WordPress. It’s been a revelation and so useful, especially when I took my laptop in and did all the exercises on my LIVE website. Meant I could get the bulk of the work done in one hit.

The training was so good and I feel I can manage my website so much better now, it’s empowering.

I’m back down in Penzance tomorrow for a catch up session as I missed one due to awful weather. So looking forward to that. I can ask Sioban the tutor from Digital Penisula Network a lot more as the class will be much smaller.

Anyway whilst you’re reading this pop over to my website (still in construction phase) and let me know what you think. Sally Atkins Artist


Obviously as part of my new business (away from the Shed) I have been working on my branding and this is nearly completed. I am using a form of the logo on my website which I need to tidy up a little so it is ready for printing. I love the freshness of my branding and although I have to include yellow it is a much subtle shade than the egg-yolk/sunshine yellow of Sally’s Shed.

I thought that the training I had on Photoshop would have been stored neatly in my brain for when it came to using it. Opps I keep forgetting that I’m not as retentive as I was. Brain like a sponge, more like a sieve now!

So to help finalise the work on my branding that I have been using Photoshop for I am going back to Penzance for another 2 days, this time I shall be taking my laptop and an A4 note book to write EVERYTHING done.


Yesterday was exciting as I had a photographer come from Cornwall Today magazine to take some photos of me, Lostwithiel and me sketching Lostwithiel. The photographer was Charles and he was lovely. We took loads of shots of me holding my sketch book in various poses and also a shot of me with a coffee mug whilst leaning on the medieval bridge, as I am going to be writing and illustrating a little column about coffee shops…. perfect for me and my coffee addiction! Exciting times ahead.

I could waffle on for ages…. but I’m keeping it short so I can go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Sally xx

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