Sketching – the theory.

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I say theory as I’ve yet to do a single sketch since last week.  Appalling behaviour I hear you say.  I know it’s not doing much to achieve my goals for this year but I do believe sometimes you need to stop, full-stop, for a short while to gather your mind, your spirit and enthusiasm before you can move forward.  All else would be grinding you into a trudge of churning work out rather than wanting to move on, improve, develop.

There have been some circumstances that have hindered me, my health being an irritating side story being one of them, the other was literally waiting for a payment to come in to meet our financial commitments.  When money is involved I do freeze a little and find I’m phaffing about rather than having a mind free to plan and move.

Our joy was being able to go away for an overnight stop last week for Valentines day.  Something we had long ago paid for and it was like enjoying a free luxury break.  It was what I wanted and needed, especially with the near perfect weather we were lucky to have.  I could see beyond the grey of winter to the brighter days of Spring.  Pure joy.

So the theory of sketching is down to planning and ensuring that I am still on track to meet my year-long project of visiting, photographing and sketching all round the Cornish coast.  I am, I have a clear vision of how the project will progress and with the opening of the Cornish Records Office in the summer I can research more about the social history of the buildings I am drawing.

Also whilst there may not have been much evidence of actual sketching going on I have been busy with my Dream Plan Do first quarterly goal – Branding – I have worked on the chapters of the brilliant book How to Style your Brand by Fiona Humberstone and have a wealth of research and work documented.  Resulting in a brand design emerging  – it is grown up, colourful but restrained, and it’s down to hard work.   This week is time to get the logo drawn and scanned onto Photoshop ready for the last workshop I have on Thursday.  From this I can up date all the social media headings and get new marketing literature printed, business cards, art cards.  It’s going in the right direction for my next quarterly goal (which I’m having to start before the current goal is completed) which is designing and building my website which is a course I’m starting on Friday!


So the fact the sketches are lagging behind a little is not an issue, I needed to grow my brand first.  There is a logic and simplicity that I like about the way this project is panning out along side building my new business from almost scratch.

On top of this I am involved in the Lostwithiel museum group, a funded project to produce a display with the volunteers at the museum based around the artifacts and documents held in the archives there.  We’ve had 2 meetings and we’re concentrating on one display first to be in place for the museum reopening in April and this about a real Lostwithiel character called Frances Margery Hext, she was a 19th Century historian and writer who wrote a book all about Lostwithiel and came from one of the wealthiest families in Cornwall but lived in Lostwithiel most of her life.   I have delved in to the depths of google and found many interesting things about the Hext family and have enjoyed fleshing out the person who was Frances.

Soon my priorities will change as I shall be the proud owner of a whole new brand and a shine new website.  The it will be all about the drawing and developing from there onwards and upwards.

So when there are not too many sketches appearing at the moment it is not due to any failure or laziness but due to setting priorities according to what is needed for my business at this present time.   It’s exciting times and I am concentrating fully on always moving forward even if it’s in little steps…. remember it’s always what is happening on the surface that is important but what work is being down out of sight that is important.

Sally xx

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