Mini Road Trip

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And a commission of a gorgeous cottage

Today was a lot less stress than yesterday.

I find that if I do a big road trip or a lot of things in one day the next day is a bit of wash out. This fibromyalgia malarkey is a bit of a drag! So today was a lot less travelling and more laid back.

Canvas mini-training

On the MA we use a system called Canvas to follow our modules, assignments and to submit our work. So it’s pretty important to learn how to use it.

The best thing I did today was get up before I had my 20mins with the student adviser, because you’ve guessed it, it was a video call… that was a shock! The worst thing I did was cut my fringe before the call… it’s a little short but arty! And every few minutes I had a coughing fit… delightful for the student adviser. None the less it was extremely useful and I feel a little more prepared for the first assignment next week!

Visiting Another Open Studio

After seeing Roberta on Tuesday I decided to pop over to see Laura Lane’s brand spanking new studio space at her small holding near Dobwalls. But tiredness was still evident as I reversed out of our parking space I almost reversed straight into the electrians van that I had just walked past…. oops!

I decided that I would still carry on to Lauras and was glad I did. I’d forgotten what a lovely valley their small holding sits in and as I turned into the entrance there was the beautiful sight of the new studio.

Daisy waved from the yard and the boys came into the studio soon after I arrived. Laura had got the studio looking brilliant with her ceramics, the fabulous jewellery from Laura Brown (Elby Brown) and beautiful prints from Eleanor Russell-Hsieh. The studio is a fantastic size, loads of room for work, kilns, wheels and workshops.

The lads got the guitar and cajon and entertained me with songs – they are so good. Daisy made me a coffee and I know exactly what I want to buy at Bovey – one of Laura’s bud vases… love them.

There’s still time to visit any of the Open Studios in Cornwall until the 2nd June.

Cottage Commission

I drove back through the Taphouses and home, totally driving past the road I needed to start the cottage commission I have in Lostwithiel. Doh! Still tired.

This is one of the houses in Lostwithiel that from the road looks bland but go round the back and there is this astonishing gem. It was a building I didn’t know existed when I did the 100 day project last year. It’s a joy to find a beautiful building I hadn’t drawn before.

The owner waved from the door and I got sketching. I took loads of photos as I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish the sketch this afternoon. The garden is full of country cottage plants and wild flowers and this will take time to capture well. I got the bare bones captured, started on the details and then went for a coffee at Q Street to carry on from the photos I’d taken.

More still to do but I’m pleased with how it’s coming along.

Hope you like it too.

Sally xx

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