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Weeks 2 and 3

Believe it or not but this is only week three of the MA and it feels longer. We’ve read, watched, listened to, discussed, written and created so much in just 2 weeks I’m amazed.

Techie Irritations

I’ve had a little technical issue over the last 2 online discussions though. Basically the first week I logged on via my little Chrome book and no one could hear me and then after several attempts to rectify this I was unable to hear people either… everything was sooooooo slow. I unhooked my headset and opened up the old laptop and it took me forever to find the access to the webinar discussion and I literally was able to join just as everyone else was waving goodbye.

So the next week I was all ready for the webinar and logged on promptly, video worked, the text chat worked, the presentation worked and I could hear everyone clearly – just one slightly important thing no one could hear me AGAIN!

I was aware I was over-exaggerating my nods and smiles so that people would know I could hear them. I tried everything to make it work, asked via the wonder of facebook groups what people thought and it looked like I needed a new laptop. I checked on line and for the spec I needed it was well over £500, heart sank. I asked if there were any grants – NO, I checked if there were any student offers – NO.

Although my laptop is covered in paint splatters and is about 4-5 yrs old, it had been wiped clean at the beginning of the year so I couldn’t understand why it was being such a handicap. I googled the model and although the processor wasn’t as high flying as it could be the RAM and storage were exactly the spec I needed!

SO I went and bought another headset – this time not a Bluetooth one – but one that plugs in. I connected it all up and still no joy on testing the microphone, I googled ‘how to set up a headset’ I followed the instructions and the laptop had the microphone disabled. Re-enabled it, sent Dave to the lounge and close the door and then I video called him, video and voice working ok now.

But will it work on Wednesday for my first Tutorial! EEEK!

The Lexicon of Marks

Last weeks task was to do an alphabet with each letter represented by a mark that you make in your work. I spent ages analysing my sketches and then as I was doing a Polperro sketch I jotted down the marks I was making…. there were a lot more than I thought. By making the marks and isolating them made me feel a little imprisoned, as if the freedom of the mark making was taken away from me, held ransom. So my Lexicon was like a ransom note with 26 crudely cut out letters stuck randomly on the page with a mark allocated to each one.

Here is the result:

On Wednesday we have a Peer led tutorial where we introduce our Illuminated I and our Lexicon for everyone to discuss. Looking forward to that!


I’ve finished all the sketches I wanted to do for Polperro and they are currently at Roy the Printer to get printed into A4 prints and some A6 cards…. this is all for the Polperro Festival market this Thursday. I’m just ironing my cloth (obvs not at this very moment!) and am borrowing some table easels off the fabulous Natalie Toms.

So the next few days will be getting my act together to sort out what I need for Thursday!

Sally xx

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