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Also known as: The journey to part time employment

Without a shadow of a doubt I really didn’t think that a) I really needed to find a part time job, b) that I WANTED a part time job and c) could do a part time job!

Well the first 2 have been proven wrong. I’ll find out how the 3rd one goes when I start my employed position on Monday.

The road to the interview

The journey to this new chapter of life in Cornwall is necessary, both financially and to help structure my day to achieve more! Give me an open ended time scale and I’ll drift along, and this is the same with my ability to waste whole days and not do anything remotely business related.

So the time had come to buckle down and re-do my CV (yawn) and get on line searching for suitable part time vacancies (double-yawn). I must have applied for a good 20 different vacancies through various jobsites and I was lucky to get invited to two interviews. However what I did notice (and already knew from working at the Job Centre) was the same job would appear on several different sites with several different agencies and then re-advertised with a slightly different title – I must have applied for the same job twice or even 3 times without realising!

My first interview was close to home and I wore my sunshine yellow cardi accessorised with a vintage Laura Ashley square scarf… and my yellow cross body bag. It was a really lovely interview (I know that is an oxymoron statement!) and I left feeling pretty positive. The second one was a struggle though! I was full of cold and it was a Competency based interview, where you have to prove what you know you can do with your eyes closed but fail completely at conveying it! I came out of that interview rung dry and spent the next day and a half in bed.

Fabulously for me I was successful with the first one and will start there on Monday. Might even wear my sunshine yellow cardi to celebrate!

Looking beyond the ‘day-job’

So now I’ve got my mornings filled with paid employment I am hoping that the afternoons will become creative spaces to really get down and make my business work. I’m still doing the Dream Plan Do – but have lapsed a little with some of the worksheets. And I’ve been a little scared to pick up my sketch pad and draw…. this is a strange thing but totally normal, as if you stop sketching for what ever reason it becomes harder to start again, there’s a mixture of fear and out of practice nervousness.

The right client

But today was a little bit of a break through. I had been struggling to identify my ideal client and after a facebook conversation in the DPD group I came to realise that I had made my ideal client me but with money! Opps. With Patricia van dan Akker nudging me in the right direction and to put the pen down and grab some magazines to do collage…. well I didn’t get as far as the magazines but I did start a secret board on Pinterest where I collected pictures of the surroundings of my first ideal client….. then this exercise grew into 6 ideal clients. Seeing them in glorious colour really helped and I wrote a short description for each client.

The first sketch is the hardest

On Easter Sunday I really needed to get out and about, even if the whole of Cornwall would be full of Easter holiday makers. So I persuaded Dave to come to Charlestown – it’s only 6 or 7 miles from us but we hadn’t been for a long time. It’s where Poldark was filmed whenever they needed a harbour scene.

Dave was reluctant to go anywhere as it would be ‘heaving’, however what’s the point of living in Cornwall if you never go anywhere?

When we arrived in Charlestown it was 2pm and we found a space in the car park easily enough and walked in the wonderful sunshine down to the cafe Short and Strong for a coffee. I’d taken my sketchbook and we sat outside under the shade of a parasol. I sketched across the harbour to the cottages directly opposite us. It was tentative at first and my usual confident ink marks were a little shaky but I didn’t give up. Dave sat and people watched and relaxed. It was only half an hour but it was wonderful.

detail of sketch showing one of the buildings I drew in Charlestown

Satisfied I had broken the curse we walked around the harbour to see the houses I had drawn up close, obviously lots of photos were taken. We walked all the way to the head of the harbour and up the coastal path towards Carlyon, stopped to look out to sea and breathe in the salty air. The light was brighter here in Charlestown, clearer and sparkly, the sky wider and higher. This was exactly what we needed.

Back down in the harbour we had our first ice cream of 2019 and made our way back to the cafe for another coffee. Then back to the car feeling a lot more relaxed then we did when we arrived. Both of us said we needed to do this more often… I’ll remind Dave of that when he mentions not venturing out because of holiday makers!

Ice cream at Charlestown

Sally xx

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  1. Kim francis

    Ahhhh Sally, loving your blog….I’ve missed it! I love the way you write it, and I’m almost there with you, can’t wait for the next instalment xx

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