Land’s End

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Last year we booked a 2 night stay at the Land’s End hotel for Valentine (so romantic!) but as we drove down from Lostwithiel I started to feel ill and the nearer we got the worse I got.  I was determined to enjoy it but at 2am we packed up and Dave drove home…. the hotel kindly sent us a voucher for DBB, which we have booked and cancelled at least 3 times in the last year.  The voucher expires in a couple of days so we decided to come today.

And what a day to come – the weather has been glorious today, the day so far this year.

We drove down and on the A30 we celebrated the little yellow car passing 28k miles… well done Rob.  I wanted to drive through Truro and onto Helston rather than continue on the A30 but Dave decided it was much ‘nicer’ to go along and turn off through the top of Redruth and through some very dilapidated mining villages until we finally drove down into Helston.  Stopping on the main street right outside Costa we grab a coffee.  Just as I’m busy taking photos of the interesting buildings along comes Ruth from Driftwood Clay – what a lovely surprise.

I then drove down past HMS Culdrose and headed for Poldhu beach Cafe near Mullion, I’ve wanted to get there FOR AGES and it did not disappoint – the weather was just perfect!  Dave, now called The Dog Whisperer, befriended yet another pooch who nestled into his leg as we sat wave watching.  A hot cup of Earl Grey and a cheeky Caramel Shortbread we were back in the car and drove the long way out via Mullion and Mullion Cove, then off retracing our steps back towards Helston.  Then turned towards the sun towards the very tip of Cornwall.

Past the sparkling sea at Praa Sands, up through Germoe and down towards Marazion and the silhouetted form of St Michaels Mount.  We got stuck behind a tractor, a breakdown truck and school bus which was annoying… but by the turning to St Just we were clear all the way to Sennen.  Passing the First and Last Inn and then straight into the Land’s End complex.  Through the virtually empty car park (it is February!) and round to the end of the earth and the front of the hotel.  It was the first time I’d been to Land’s End and been able to see the horizon and the lighthouse way out at sea.  The waves were crashing and foaming white with power and the wind was fierce.  It was beautiful.  Land’s End at this time of year is my preferred time to visit – no tacky shops open and hardly any tourists… just us, the hotel at our backs and the edge of the world in front of us.

Out room was up 2 flights and has a small balcony and a much better option than the one we had last year… lucky us.  It wasn’t long before we headed downstairs to our dinner – and oh my it was delicious.  Very Valentine themed and I had wine!  We sat and watched the last of the light slip beyond the horizon until we couldn’t tell where the sky met the sea and all was dark outside.  After dinner we walked outside and could see a thousand stars and as our eyes adjusted to the light we could see the rocks gleaming white with the glow of the moon, and the waves relentlessly crashing and smashing against them.  Ahead of us was the repetitive blink of the lighthouse and on the horizion tiny sparks of light of the boats that were out far away from our view.  It was cold as we sat huddled on a bench pointing out to sea so we went inside and up to our room.


Time for sleep now!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Sally xx

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