It’s getting closer

The start of the MA of course

I’m having a chill day today, though reading some of the recommended reading for the first module entitled Process and Practice. When I say reading I mean glancing at the words and wondering if I actually understand them.

Phrases and words such as ‘scopic regime’; ‘ocularcentrism’; ‘simulacra’; ‘posthuman’; and ‘critical visual methodology’. Oh my goodness my brain is rusty!

Anyway I started reading this exert relating to researching visual images yesterday and before I knew it I was feeling very sleepy. This I think was more to do with the effort made the day before rather than the exercising of my underused brain. So I came back to it today and although I did find it hard going it was very interesting to read about how we visualise and see things, in what context and through what gauze of perceptions and preconceived ideas we have already formed. I’m now moving onto another recommended text regarding Manifestos that artists and creatives have written over the last 100 yrs.

Anything else?

Earlier I met up with Kim, Jane and Lesley for an impromptu coffee and chat up at Q Street Coffee. Dave on one of his days off sped up to the Scooter Garage to see how his scooter was doing. Still poorly but replacement parts are ordered.


And apart from listening to the birds out in the trees by the river as I type this in the lounge I’ve not done a great deal today. Though I may have to do some ironing later… forgot that!

Sally xx

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