Happy New Year

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Well, literally just watched the fireworks on the telly, and it’s 2019.

I’ve had the telly to myself nearly all evening as Dave had a 3 hr nap!  But that’s understandable as neither of us could sleep last night (I had a nap this afternoon) so watched the Last Leg and then woke Dave up so we could walk down to the medieval bridge to see the Giants Parade, Lostwithiel’s New Years celebration…. it was so worth it.

As we left the flat to walk along the river path we could hear the music and the boom of the drums going along the Parade.  We arrived at the railway crossing just in time to see the parade go past.  Huge monsters and dragons, fish and birds all made from paper and decorated with every colour there is, all the colours.   It was hard to see who was in the crowd but Lisa shouted out as she carried a bright happy sun-like giant past.  Bells and cow-bells followed behind and a crowd of followers wound their way over the crossing towards the Chatham pub.  The music fading as they climbed the hill.

Dave and I turned and walked back to the flat to get back in time for the London fireworks… just as we are approaching the end of Brunel Quays the church bells start ringing and fire works are thundering from across the distant hills.

Dave and I celebrated with a coffee and a Lemsip (me) – we know how to party!

Today has included a bit of work, with collecting printing from Roy, commissions that can be posted and delivered on 2nd January.  Afterwards I drove up to Stable Art to find out that they were closed until Wednesday so drove on over Fletchers Bridge and through the lanes going the long way back home, over the busy A38 and under the railway, up the wooded hills and eventually past the Dairy and the Duchy back to Lostwithiel.  As I drove I noticed that there were catkins hanging in the hedgerows, there were budding daffodils and yellow gorse in bloom… there was even a faint glow of budding leaves on the trees on the distant horizon.  Had I slept for a couple of months and it was almost Spring?  Hopefully this is just a great portent for the coming 12 months.  Goodness knows we (the world) need a good year and any signs of joy are gratefully received.

Tomorrow I start my new project at Saltash, so will be taking a packed lunch and a flask of coffee with me as I think nothing will be open where I am going!

But before that I have to say that this is the first year I’ve felt positive about the coming year, really find the start of a new year a cold depressing unknown land after all the colour and sparkle of Christmas.  I am cast adrift and find that the only thing I achieve is doing the tax return before the 31st January deadline.  Not much of an achievement really… but this year I do feel different.  The tax return will be done but it will be part of more actions: the drawing project, the Design Trust ‘Dream, Plan, Do’, a WordPress website course starting this month… commissions to do and practising Photoshop.  Usually it’s March before I come to feel settled and active again… when I was at the Job Centre that was ok as I had to turn up for work (obviously) but I didn’t have the structure these last few years.  How on earth I managed to get anything done is beyond me looking back with my eyes wide open.

Jools Holland is on the telly now and Dave is singing along with ‘Freak Out’ a good old Disco classic!

Happy New Year everyone

Sally xx

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