Falmouth Summer Shows

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The Long Drive

Oh how I wish I’d gone by train. There was so much traffic on the roads it was a real chore to get to Falmouth, but I was determined to get there for the last day of the Summer Shows at Falmouth University

I can get lost in Falmouth so easily as the roads are very narrow off the main thoroughfare and I totally missed the tiny signs that point towards the University. I was down by the Maritime Museum before I knew it and then turned up a blind alley which was as wide as my little car….. luckily there was a small entrance that I reversed into and was able to turn round – anything bigger than my Peugeot 107 would have failed totally. Rob got a Well-Done and pat of gratitude for managing the turn. I then retraced my journey and turned towards the university. Promptly flying passed the entrance and had to do a long winded turn around but just by the narrow main entrance was an on-street parking space – fabulous.


I walked down the road and on to the campus. The university is hidden as if constructed in a botanical garden, with giant palms and huge trees hiding the buildings.

The Illustration show was down the steep hill, winding through the green corridor of plants. Down some steps I entered straight into a huge room with a glass ceiling – the cafe. Coffee time! All around me were students and visitors, university ambassadors in fab sunshine yellow t-shirts showing people to the right show. It was buzzing.

Illustration Show

Up on the first floor was the 1st and 2nd year Illustration BA students display, it was extremely impressive. There were some amazing pieces and lots of talent.

Up on the second floor was the Graduation show for the students in the 3rd year… this was seriously good. I took loads of photos, everyone had their own website displayed and there was such a wealth of styles it was easy to get overwhelmed. Lots had their own business cards and a few had products, cards or prints that could be purchased. Here are a few of the displays I was drawn to.

There are many more, too many to document here.

Once I’d finished the show I looked round the university art shop, had a quick drink back in the cafe and then walked back up the hill to the car. I was coughing and hacking with this cold by the time I got back to the car!

Headed home via Waitrose in Truro, driving through Ladock to Fraddon and back on the A30. The clouds lay low over the hills of the Clay Towns as I head East with a fine mizzle in the air. Soon I was at Lanhydrock and down Tanhouse Road and home. Definitely next time by train!

Sally xx

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