Dream Plan Do

And day 4 of my MA

After my semi-anxiety meltdown earlier in the week I spent this morning with a clear head and calm thoughts watching the first MA lecture. What a difference. I found the lecture informative and more importantly encouraging.

It made me realise that by trying to read the selected texts before the watching the lecture was trying to gallop before I could crawl. Goodness me it was like I could see clearly so I started to re-read the key text again and as I went jotted down my own notes and thoughts, it made sense and I understood it. Think my brain clicked into gear and it reminded me of when I’ve been to a Shakespeare play and how I have to click into the language to understand and enjoy the humour/pathos of the Elizabethan text.

I will finish the text tomorrow prior to the Webinar discussion and then concentrate on practical assignment set for this week. It’s all go on the MA!

The discussion we’re having online about what Illustration means; what is it’s true definition: is brilliant, with lots of questions being raised and lots of feedback between us. There’s about 29 of us on the course and I think with the 75 posts we still haven’t heard off half of our fellow students.

Patricia comes to Cornwall DPD Group

Today was the day we had our monthly Dream Plan Do Accountability Group meeting.

Oh such excitement as the head of the Design Trust and the author of Dream Plan Do (the year long work book for creatives and their businesses) was coming to Cornwall and hosting our group today.

I really like Patricia, she’s wise and single minded yet shows her vulnerable side, encouraging but realistic.

Because of the previous journeys I’ve had getting to Chacewater, and the fact I didn’t want to be late, I set off with a full hour and a half to get just the other side of Truro! Needless to say all the tailbacks and tractors were no where near the A30 and I got to Chacewater with 40 minutes to spare!

But first the Market Hall

Parked up and decided to visit the Market Hall, bumping into Mowenna on the way. The Market Hall is an open air space with a semi cloister around 2 sides, a big green house sits in the middle of the open space with chairs and tables inside. Under the shelter of the cloister roof lies a massive display of fruit and vegetables, a true feast for the eyes. The layout reminded me of when as a teenager I worked at Coles & Flynn the greengrocer in Aldridge.

Big shiny apples and peaches wrapped in tissue, boxes of red, green and yellow tomatoes vied against the gloss of the deep purple Aubergines, unwaxed lemons the size of your fist glowed like the sun. There was Italian sweet biscuits and fresh Goose eggs. Out in the open were shelves of plants, herbs, sunflowers and tobacco plants. There was a jar on the table with ‘cigars’ of herbs wrapped inside Bay leaves and then secured with a lacky-band, and next to the red and green peppers was a paper bag opened revealing Scotch Bonnet Chillies. Inside the little Deli were more exotic herbs and spices, sauces, meats and pasta. There was so much I couldn’t decide so in the end left without even a Nectarine.

Dream Plan Do Group

Mowenna and I were still the first to get to the village hall, meeting Carin who runs the North Cornwall Accountability Group. We decided to sit at the far side of the conference table as we both felt guilty for the lack of progress in our book…. I had looked at it – honest! We’re not alone – but I still didn’t want Patricia to see the blank pages! Oh how best laid plans etc etc.

The room was full when Patricia arrived with Alison and buzzing with excitement. There were some spare chairs still the other side of the room, but NO! Next to me was where Mrs Design Trust wanted to sit…. Mowenna wouldn’t swap with me either!

I needn’t have worried (not that I was – I was still buzzing from my morning with the MA discussion) and we were soon into discussing SEO and then describing one of our products via the prompts sheet we were given…. writing our responses onto a post-it note. We broke into small groups and we all viewed each others product to come up with more descriptive words… brilliant exercise. We had a Q&A session and suddenly it was gone 5pm.

Long Drive Home

All the traffic that wasn’t on the A30 earlier was out in force now. The single carriageway part of the A30 was almost at a dead stop, so as soon as I saw a right turn I took it. Within 10 yards on this lane the chaos of the A30 disappeared, the trees on either side of the lane formed a calming green tunnel locking their branches overhead, a little sign on the side of the road stated this was a “Quiet Lane” – it was stunning. Grass and/or moss formed a velvety tuft along the centre of the single track road and I had birds bobbing in front of me, flying across my path from one side of the road to the other.

The lane wound it’s way towards St Allen but I turned towards Truro and a petrol station. My little meandering roadtrip over too soon.

I rang Dave and he had just woken up – he’s been on nights so totally understandable, only trouble is now it’s gone Midnight and he’s bored and gone off to Asda! Ha Ha.

Sally xx

PS: Here’s a couple more of my Polperro sketches, these were done yesterday. And photographed in the middle of the night!!

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