Boxing Day

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The day that really should be called slump day – though for those in retail it’s an early start and a busy old day with all the Boxing Day Sales.  Though none of that hit us around Lostwithiel with everyone slowly coming back to life in a gentle stroll kind of way.

For once it wasn’t raining and there was even a glimpse of the sun between the clouds so perfect for Dave to go up the garage and do some tidying and painting of his scooter ready for the last ride out of the year – Teachers Day – on Saturday.  I dropped him off at the garage to meet up with Pete and then decided to go for a mini roadtrip to take some photos – something I’ve not done for some time!

I drove up the A390 deciding which way to go and then turned right towards Couchs Mill and headed then for Lerryn, the stepping stones were visible at this low tide and there were people milling about near the river.  I continued through the village up the narrow lane towards St Veep, passing a huddle of muddy 4x4s (all work horses) and to my right the group of people with shotguns were edging up the field towards a copse of trees to shoot pheasant no doubt.  Past the church at St Veep and down the lanes towards Boddinick – at the highest point the estuary at Fowey stretched into the ocean and the clouds looked like the underbelly of a giant grey eiderdown just hanging heavy in the sky, between the sea and the cloud was the misty sunshine casting beautiful sparkly light across the dancing water.

I still hadn’t stopped to take photos… everywhere I was about to stop there were vehicles or no pull in for me to take advantage.  But then it occurred to me that sometimes it is sufficient to capture the scene in your mind, to let it seep into your sub conscience and feed your soul.  The view of the eiderdown sky, the twisted trees against the hazy sunshine was one to keep for myself.  The green of the fields were vibrant against the blackened trees and hedges, flashes of copper glowed like precious metal as the dark hedges gave way to clumps of copper beech trees.

I drove down the steep hill of the village of Boddinick and paused at the bottom by the ferry to take in the view of Fowey.  To my right was glistening water with sunshine putting smiles on all the buildings across the river, then to my right was the dark cloud.  I drove towards the dark cloud.

I drove up the hill back towards Lerryn but decided that the little lane to my left signposted Mixtow was too intriguing not to see where it went.  I drove down a lane that was muddy and narrow.  Coming to a junction I saw a tractor with a spiked haybale at it’s front coming up from the left – the tractor driver waved as he passed and I then drove further down the muddy lane.  It was a no through road and ended in a farm yard, I turned round and there was what appeared to be another farm entrance to my right.  I drove down and there was a road sign pointing to Mixtow… I hadn’t got there yet!

Down the lane that went from the muddy farm yards and high hedges into bright sunshine and open fields, I could see glimpses of the river to my left and I kept going though a little dip and then down towards some buildings.. this was Mixtow.  It sat on the banks of the Fowey River, all the buildings facing out to the water hiding it from view until I got to the bottom of the lane where there was a private quay, as it’s Boxing Day I parked in the no parking place and walked towards the gates of the quay, there was a footpath marked so I ventured a little way to the edge of the river.  The other side was the industrial side of Fowey, the massive boat yard and mussel factory.. plus rows of impressive yachts safely moored for Christmas.

Mixtow was made up of Mixtow Farm, Mixtow Quay House, Mixtow House, just incase you didn’t know where you were!  I turned the car around and retraced my journey back up to the road to Lerryn.   Drove back down past St Veep and where the huddled 4x4s were (now long gone) and through the village of Lerryn, over the medieval bridge and up the hill to St Winnows turning and back into Lostwithiel.

I arrived back at home to find Dave had brought Pete back and so we had a lunch of cheese, crackers, cold meats and salad.

Then a snooze.  I’ve done the washing and changed the bed today, done all the washing up from yesterday and Dave is going to make bubble and squeak for tea – yummy!

Sally xx

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