MA stuff – Module one

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The Arty stuff It’s been 12 weeks – that’s all since I started the MA – in that time I’ve been challenged academically and illustratively – however I’ve loved every minute! This blog post will have a little video of … Continued

MA Manifesto

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The first module is over! I know I was aiming to write about the MA as I was going along but basically I didn’t have time!! So here is just one part of what we have worked on these last … Continued

MA stuff

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Weeks 2 and 3 Believe it or not but this is only week three of the MA and it feels longer. We’ve read, watched, listened to, discussed, written and created so much in just 2 weeks I’m amazed. Techie Irritations … Continued

The Craft Festival

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A Trip Out After such a positive meeting with The Dream Plan Doers on Wednesday last week I was looking forward to seeing loads of my other creative friends at Bovey Tracey for the Craft Festival on the Friday. Now … Continued

Dream Plan Do

And day 4 of my MA After my semi-anxiety meltdown earlier in the week I spent this morning with a clear head and calm thoughts watching the first MA lecture. What a difference. I found the lecture informative and more … Continued

The MA Starts TODAY

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And how not to be swallowed up by Impostor Syndrome Late last night the first module of our course was unlocked and the realisation of what I was now going to be doing for the next 2 years landed squarely … Continued


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And Open Studios part 2 Though my plans of exploring all the studios was thwarted by my cough and rather feverish head. (I am led to believe that this cold will be gone in a couple of weeks…. sigh.) None … Continued

Mini Road Trip

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And a commission of a gorgeous cottage Today was a lot less stress than yesterday. I find that if I do a big road trip or a lot of things in one day the next day is a bit of … Continued