My life story or there abouts!

How it all began

My artistic career really has only just started.  For over 30 years I worked for BT and then the Civil Service in various Customer Service type roles. I still brought my creativity to work. By using illustration to explain complex situations, drawing a diagram to solve a problem, and creating gifts and cards for colleagues.  I started to explore my creativity again and started to create various craft based items to sell at local events.  Slowly I started to enjoy creating again and realised my love of drawing was still very much alive.

I married lovely Dave and within ten years I was running my little mixed media business, Sally’s Shed, from a studio in the garden.  Working with glass, fabric, fibre and eventually reclaimed wood. I created hand painted buildings and street scenes on old drawer fronts, off cuts of floor boards or bits of a childs desk.  It evolved to creating contained Story Boxes, mixed media pieces of imaginary villages and towns. When in 2015 I was made redundant I decided to dedicate all my time to my creative business.


We moved to Lostwithiel in Cornwall from the West Midlands in 2017.  I established myself within the creative community in Cornwall and did local events, Etsy Made local in St. Ives and the Bedruthan Spring Fair. 

In 2018 I wanted a challenge so I chose to do the 100 day project on Instagram. I sketched a Lostwithiel building every day for 100 days.  After a couple of weeks the local business group started to promote my sketching on line. Then the people of Lostwithiel started to ask for specific buildings to be sketched.  What was a revelation to me was the interesting social history I collected as I went around the town. So I am exploring producing a book about my project with the help and guidance of the local Museum curator. I had an exhibition in Q Street Coffee cafe in September of 2018 which was a roaring success. 

What’s next?

I am currently doing an MA in Illustration at Falmouth University which is a total joy, as I am learning so much about myself and my practice to take forward, it’s so exciting. I started a long term project in early 2019, travelling around the coast of Cornwall sketching and collecting snippets of history as I go. In addition I am writing and illustrating a column in the Cornwall Today magazine based on my love of cafes; illustrating the cafe, explaining what I like about it and collecting a recipe from the owners. Research is really hard!

It’s as tall as me!

All my projects have sense of place and my love of buildings at their heart.  And my need to tell a story through my work and travels.  I would like to illustrate social history through the places, buildings, and people of Cornwall. As although I was born and brought up in the Midlands my grandmother was from Helston. I can trace my Cornish roots back many centuries.

I am always open for commissions of peoples homes and special places, pets or people. Have a look at my Gallery to see how I capture the character of the building not just the bricks and mortar when doing a house portrait!

Sally xx